When the King of the Jungle builds you a website

The jungle is full of monkeys building sites
but there is only one KINGCOM

כשמלך הג’ונגל בונה לך אתר!



The jungle is full of monkeys building sites..
but there is only one KINGCOM

KINGCOM | When the King of the Jungle builds you a website 


הג'ונגל מלא בקופים שבונים אתרים...אבל מלך הג'ונגל זה רק קינג קום!

Welcome to the jungle

Rule # 1 in the Jungle of Web Development - Be the King!

You guessed right, at the zoo you want to be the king

Creative Commando

A guerrilla fighter for the sharpest creative in the jungle

Branding of kings

Differentiation like a king, your business wears and looks like a brand

Research the market

Market research that promises business results.

Space Technology

Technology that will fly you forward at the speed of light

Zero time injuries

Leave you online in the air with no falls

Navigate the ship

The only ones who build a marketing strategy for websites

Giants in social

Spray the trattoria in the social jungle

Fighting competitors

When you have a King Com site your competitors are under pressure

This 360-degree solution in our DNA: from image and branding to building and managing all digital assets, initiated moves, growth, marketing and advertising.

Everything from A to T and much more than you thought!


You are a banana distance from your new site

The minds, experience and professionalism of the King Com team take your business and image goals
And turn them into powerful and exciting meeting points on your site.
Do not compromise on image and business results!


Our customers are kings

You are banana away from
your new site


המומחיות שלנו היא בניית אתרים מיוחדים

Our specialty is building special websites

 מכונות שיווק על אוטומציה

Automation marketing machines

This automated marketing machine means a combination of smart marketing funnels that begin with characterizing target audiences and end with motivation for strong action. Which will turn your website into a marketing machine that shoots business results and leaves a thick smoke.

מבשלים לכם עיצוב מותג

You are cooking a brand design

At King Com you will receive a branding and design level tailored specifically for your business and audience.

קובעים את החוקים

The rules are set

Many years of experience have taught us how to break the jungle rules and turn more surfers into paying customers.

 אצלנו, תקבלו אתר מטוס

With us you will get a speed of light site

As part of building the plane, we will take care of SEO and site approval in the search engines, so that your site will be ready for the first customer as soon as it goes live and will already start bringing you results.

אצלנו, אתה המלך!

With us you are the king

Want to be the kings of your jungle?
We'll build it for you! E-Commerce? image? reputation? Brand? content?
Articles? Sell ​​a service or product?
We'll build it for you!

What do you want to get?
Leads? Sales? Contact info? Registrations? Just set goals and let the Jungle King do the rest.

 אצלנו, אתם חלק משבט 

With us you are part of a tribe

King Com was founded from the Net Net advertising agency, which includes a business group that provides complementary services in the areas of marketing, advertising, design, website building, strategic consulting and accompanying projects and the group's clients.

That means a crushing banana victory on your site. And that means a strong backing of complementary services that are all under one roof for your business along and across the jungle while eating a banana with sunglasses on your face, in style and with Thales business results.

king com website

רוצים אתר מהסרטים?

Want a website from the movies?

With us, you will get business results and image improvement
You're probably looking for the Jungle King


A band of gorillas, at your service.

Our team consists of hairy and professional talents, talents in their field who have been selected in a magnifying glass throughout the jungle to provide you with a King site!

Let's move
!the earth together

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